Factors Considered

Applications to the Long School of Medicine are reviewed by the Admissions Committee using an holistic review process. The basis for inviting an applicant for an interview includes the applicant’s academic performance represented by coursework grades, load, trends and degree of difficulty, and scores on the components of the Medical College Admissions Test. (Note: Starting with the 2016 admissions cycle both new and old MCAT scores will be considered. In 2017, both will be considered and, in 2018, only the newer MCAT will be considered.) In addition the review includes consideration of the non-academic qualifications listed below (listed in no particular order of preference or weight):

  • Knowledge of, and preparation to enter, the profession of medicine gained through observing or volunteering in a medical practice or hospital setting
  • Bilingual language ability
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Hometown or county of residence that has been designated a medically under-served and/or health professions shortage area
  • Employment history, especially as it occurred simultaneously with under-graduate academic preparation
  • Socio-economic history
  • Positions of leadership and/or responsibility held
  • Success in overcoming adverse personal, family, or “life” conditions/experiences
  • Communication skills – as demonstrated in personal interview
  • Commitment/desire to serve in a medically under-served region of the state following graduation
  • Reference / recommendation letters
  • Research accomplishments
  • Experiences with individuals sharing different cultural/gender viewpoints goals
  • Texas resident status, especially South Texas
  • Essays

Diversity, broadly defined, is valued in the selection of our students; differences in beliefs, opinions, perspectives, experiences, lifestyle, culture and race/ethnicity all enrich the educational experience of our students and thus are considered. The final scoring of the applicant takes into account the above academic and non-academic qualifications along with comments from personal interviews conducted by members of the Admissions Committee.