Measures in this category inform Admissions Committee decisions, with regard to assessment of academic potential, strength or risk.  All of these detailed characteristics below, and more, are taken into consideration.  Intellectual capacity is an important criterion for the committee, as measured by many objective and subjective assessments of the academic experience of an applicant.  The breadth and depth of pre-medical academic experience goes beyond grades and scores; all aspects of the campus experience is taken into consideration.

All MCAT Scores
All MCAT Sub-scores
GPA overall
GPA undergraduate
GPA science
GPA science by semester
GPA in science in a post baccalaureate and/or graduate program
GPA trend or slope, or isolated decreases
Use of advanced placement credit
Hours per semester, course load
Hours of coursework, overall, science
Hours of post baccalaureate and/or graduate program
University attended
Reasoning behind the choice of university or major
Major course of study
Double major
Honors Program
Competitiveness of school or program
Rigor of the institution or major or course of study
Advanced degrees
Post baccalaureate work experience
Graduate work experience
Graduate school and major
Reasoning behind the choice of graduate or PB work
Research training experiences or courses
Research accomplishments
Challenges to educational course or background