Personal Attributes

Valuable criteria to the LSOM Admissions Committee are advanced personal attributes of an applicant.  Consideration is given to background and experiences, but all personal attributes of the applicant are considered.   The Admissions Committee places high value on virtues that might predict a caring and compassionate physician, a person who has maturity and discipline, and other specific values as listed below. (Group according to similar traits.)

preclinical students
Social and Interpersonal Skills
Communication Skills oral, written, other
Behavioral and Professional Abilities
Bilingual language ability
Culturally competent
Personable, Warm, Friendly
Mature, Humble, Self-aware
Highly motivated, Committed, Dedicated
Professional, possesses integrity, ethical
Empathic, Compassionate, Altruistic
Team player, collaborative
Responsible to self and others
Service oriented
Commitment/desire to serve medically underserved