FAFSA & Financial Aid

Financial Aid


  • File your FAFSA.
  • Complete financial aid office application
    • PLEASE BEGIN USING YOUR LSOM EMAIL, or you will miss important information!
    • Pay attention to any and all emails sent to you by the Financial Aid Office
    • Set up direct deposit through My Student Center so you don’t get your money by snail mail.
    • Financial Aid Inquiries: Please contact the Office of Financial Aid directly with any financial-aid related questions. Their office number is 210-567-2635 or visit their website at Veteran Services & Financial Aid
    • OUT-OF-STATE STUDENTS in order to receive an academic waiver to receive in-state tuition you MUST submit your FASFA AND UTHSCSA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION each academic year. Your tuition will not be modified until both applications are processed!

How to Apply for Aid at Long SOM/UT Health San Antonio

Paying for Medical School, AAMC Resource


Our school has awarded scholarships for entering medical students, in addition to travel awards and other competitive scholarships throughout your four years here. Students who have completed the necessary documents are eligible for various types of scholarship awards. Most of our students will benefit from these funds, and they help to defray the amount of loans you will need throughout medical school.

In order to be eligible for any scholarship awards, it is VERY important to do two things:
1.  Fill out your FAFSA, and put our school in the list of six schools that you can enter.
2.  Fill out our scholarship application.  The official application is open to you after Registrar processing, and you will receive notice by the Financial Aid Office.  Much of this information is already in your TMDSAS application, so you can copy and paste, to save you a little time.  Use the previous year’s application, linked below, as a template to get started in advance.

In addition, our out-of-state students are eligible for competitive scholarships that will allow them in state tuition, a value of nearly $75,000.

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