My Checklist

Welcome to the Long School of Medicine Family!
Things you need to know and do:

Here is a list of everything you need to do to complete your pre-matriculation items.  We tried to give you all the information that you need, but we’re just a phone call away if you have questions.

My Checklist
R = Required! *= Required!
R *Accept the Offer 2 weeks after offer
Join Facebook Group, Class of 2022
Follow the LongSOM Page on Facebook
Put Welcome Weekend on the calendar (Saturday, May 5) April 25
 R *Put White Coat Ceremony Rehearsal on the calendar (Friday, July 20)
 R *Put Veritas Meeting on a calendar (Friday, July 20)
Tell your family members about Family Chat  (Friday, July 20) July 1
 R *Register for the White Coat Ceremony (Saturday, July 21) June 7
 R *Put The Retreat on your calendar (July 23 & 24)
 R *Put Orientation on the calendar (July 25 – 27)
Review Matriculation Processing Timeline
Review Student Email Account Information
 R *File FAFSA & Review Financial Aid website
Review Scholarship Information, submit Scholarship Application July 1
 R *Submit final transcripts to UT Health Registrar June 29
 R *Submit final transcripts to TMDSAS June 29
Review Course Requirement & Deficiency Information May 1
 R *Submit Background Check: CompuFACT Research Inc. May 1
 R *Submit Immunization Record Form to Student Health Clinic May 1
 R *Submit Certification Agreement (Distributing mid to late June) July 10
 R *Send Name Pronunciation File to Office of Admissions & Outreach July 2
Review Housing Information
Review Curriculum, Syllabus, & Computer Requirements Information
R Purchase Your Diagnostic Kit! July 3


Accept the Offer:
Please go into the Long School of Medicine admissions portal to make accept the offer.  Remember this is non-binding, and no deposit is required.  This simply acknowledges your acceptance, and saves your seat in the Class of 2022!!  A formal letter of acceptance will be sent to your address on record with TMDSAS.

Please log into  to review the acceptance terms and accept offer.

Connect with your future classmates! 

Please join the Class of 2022 student Facebook group. 

Follow the LongSOM Page on Facebook

Please follow the LongSOM Facebook Page.