Dual Degree and Distinction Programs

student receives degree

Dual Degree Programs

Two Dual Degree programs are available to students.  Both programs have separate application and degree requirements in addition to the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program.  Visit each program’s site to learn more.

M.D./MPH Dual Degree

M.D./PhD Dual Degree 

Student presenting research poster

Degree Distinction Options

Students have the opportunity to pursue a degree distinction during medical school.  A degree distinction demonstrates outstanding academic achievement in an area of scholarly work.  The degree distinction programs require a student meet additional requirements in addition to the M.D. Degree requirements.  There are currently three areas of distinction available:  Research, Medical Education and Medical Humanities.  Visit each to learn more about requirements.

M.D. with distinction in Research

M.D. with distinction in Medical Education

M.D. with distinction in Medical Humanities