Academic Advising

Academic advising at the Long School of Medicine is focused through the Office of Student Affairs, the Veritas Program, and Departmental Faculty Advising. This system of advisors assists students in completing academic requirements successfully and choosing elective coursework in an appropriate manner.

Office of Student Affairs

Drop-In Advising Hour

Students with questions related to academic advising are encouraged to attend the weekly Drop-In Advising Hour, hosted by student affairs deans and directors. During these sessions, students can ask questions and seek guidance about academic issues. Common questions include choosing correct electives, successful completion of licensing exams, and information about class modules. Drop-In Advising Hour is held weekly on Wednesday afternoon from 1-2 p.m. in the Howe Conference Room (library fifth floor).


The Office of Student Affairs sponsors academic advising events for students at various stages of their academic careers. In the first year, academic advising begins at weekly MS1 Lunches, where the student affairs and curriculum deans answer student questions about the curriculum and student success. In addition, each year, class meetings are held. During these meetings, information on clerkship selection, elective selection, STEP timelines, and other pertinent academic issues are discussed. The class meetings for pre-clinical students are critical in informing students about their important academic milestones.

Individual Advising

Students seeking individual guidance about their academic progress through medical school can request individual appointments with deans and directors in student affairs.

Veritas Program

The Veritas program, an interclass, vertical mentoring and advising system, primarily serves as career advisement for medical students. However, at monthly group meetings and individual faculty meetings, topics related to academics are often discussed. Some common topics are STEP 1 preparation, success in academic modules, study skills, and time management, among others. Veritas faculty often field questions from their students about appropriate elective selection an academic issues, as these are tangential to career advising.

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Departmental Faculty Advisors

Most clinical departments have faculty members who have a formal role as academic advisors. These faculty members are familiar with current trends within their specialty and can provide up to date information and guidance to students about course selection, STEP examinations, and academic requirements. Additionally, the departmental faculty advisors participate in various programs throughout the year in partnership with the Office of Student Affairs.

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