Academic Enhancement

The Office of Student Affairs offers academic enhancement programming for students seeking assistance with their academic skills. There are several ways in which students may receive this assistance:


Both study skills and content tutors are available for students who are having academic difficulty.  Students are paired with knowledgeable peer tutors based on needed assistance.  Study Skills Tutors are second year medical students, assigned to help incoming first year students with time management and study skills. Content tutors are fourth year medical students who help first and second year students who are having difficulty understanding course material.

Study Skills Workshops

All first-year medical students have the opportunity to participate in Study Skills Workshops held throughout the year. The workshops cover topics including time management, using learning objectives, creating concept maps, exploring creative study methods, and others. Students are encouraged to attend these workshops to develop study and time management skills, which will benefit them throughout their medical school years and beyond.

Individual Meetings with Director of Academic Enhancement

Students experiencing academic difficulty can schedule a meeting with the Director of Academic Enhancement to assess study and time management skills, that will help a student create a plan for academic success.

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